GitLab deployment and migration completed successfully

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at
Sun Mar 22 12:11:08 UTC 2015

Hi James,

> Sure! Just file the request with the admins :-) Which Github repositories
> do you want mirrored exactly?
> all three of the projects which you have apportioned to my control are
> maintained at github
> <>l

Ok. These mirrors have been set up.

The project de-setf-amqp has 2 repositories now, one called 'git.git' the
other is the mirror I set up from github. Do you want me to delete the
'git.git' repository?

> > Does this mean that the existing Subversion and CVS repositories on
> should be regarded as superseeded?
> yes.

> [And can they/should they be removed because of it?]
> as far as i know, there is no reason to retain them.
Ok. Removed.


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