[Clo-devel] Fwd: Testing GitLab installation & migration nearing completion: steps to cut-over

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 22:23:47 UTC 2015

>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Huelsmann <ehuels at gmail.com> writes:

    Ray> Does that mean any repos using hg will get converted
    Ray> too and not be
    Ray> available from their old locations?

    Erik> No: they'll stay right where they currently are. I've
    Erik> thought about offering migration to GitLab, but there's
    Erik> relatively little for common-lisp.net to win (I think): we
    Erik> don't support (and won't in the future) repository browsing
    Erik> with any tools (right?). So, all that we'd win is to be able
    Erik> to delete the 'hg' binary from the system. Well, that's too
    Erik> little gain for the pain.

Works for me.

    Ray> What does this mean for the Trac "Browse Source" button? 
    Ray> Will these get updated appropriately?
    Erik> Hmm. I don't know how to do that, really. Basically, the
    Erik> plan as it's laid out now, assumes that all git projects
    Erik> move their source browsing over to gitlab. CMUCL uses a

No issues if you leave them as is.  I plan on migrating my little
projects completely over to gitlab, dropping trac and stuff.

    Erik> non-common-lisp.net-standard configuration for Trac. I don't

How so? I thought it was pretty standard, except for maybe a few trac
hooks to make commits update the trac tickets.

    Erik> really know how many projects currently do the same. I'll
    Erik> need to look into that. Basically, my solution would be to
    Erik> redirect all "browse", "tickets" and "wiki" urls to the
    Erik> gitlab namespace for those projects that used Trac to go
    Erik> with Git/Darcs.

Then how would I look at, say, some cmucl trac ticket?  I'd have to
memorize and use the full old path?  Or would this happen after
migrating all the tickets and wiki pages to gitlab?  (In which case,
the redirects make perfect sense.)

    Ray> Not that it matters all that
    Ray> much. I do plan on converting my one and
    Ray> only hg repo to git, if it's not done for me as part
    Ray> of the migration.

    Erik> It's planned, but not for this migration. You're absolutely
    Erik> welcome to do it yourself as soon as the system is opened
    Erik> for general access. May I ask that you mark the Mercurial
    Erik> repository in some recognizable way that it should not be
    Erik> migrated, or better yet, that you make a local copy for
    Erik> yourself and remove the repository from the common-lisp.net
    Erik> system, so it doesn't get migrated twice?

If you're going to migrate it (f2cl) eventually, I'll probably wait.
It's not like there's any active development there.


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