[Clo-devel] Intended policy changes for mailing list setup

Simon Leinen simon.leinen at switch.ch
Thu Feb 19 13:46:31 UTC 2015

Dear Erik & all involved,

a big THANK YOU for your work on this, and for so clearly describing
the changes.  Personally I'm very happy about them - not just because
they increase the chances of mail going through, but also because the
new configuration just looks cleaner to me.  (I like as much
end-to-end transparency as I can get :-)

Best regards,

> Dear common-lisp.net users, mailing list owners,
> You're receiving this message because you're listed as a mailing list owner
> or because you have a common-lisp.net login account. If you have different
> mail addresses associated with both, you may get multiple copies. Apologies
> for that in advance.

> We're sending this mail to announce policy changes intended to be executed
> as of March 15th regarding mailing list setup. [For further discussion,
> please direct to clo-devel at common-lisp.net.]

> Changes to mailing list headers and footer
> ==========================================

> Google is tightening their DKIM validation; most of our mailing lists cause
> invalid DKIM signatures on out-going mails:
>  * Adding the Subject prefix '[<mailing list>]' invalidates the DKIM
>    signature of the original sender
>  * Adding the e-mail footer may invalidate the e-mail's DKIM signature

> Since Google, Yahoo! and other big mail providers are moving to signing
> their outgoing mail, the percentage of invalid mail sent by common-lisp.net
> increases. This hurts our reputation as a mail sender and has led to problems
> with Google accepting common-lisp.net mail. (Admitted, DKIM was not the only
> reason.)

> Due to the above, we will change the mailing list setup for all mailing lists:
>  * No longer add the mailing list subject prefix
>  * No longer add the mailing list footer
>  * Add the List-* headers as per RFC-2369,
>    filtering of mailing list messages can be done using these fields

> Change to moderation expiration
> ========================

> Additionally, we've found that many mailing lists have been set to not expire
> mails in the moderation queue, resulting in a moderation queue of 10-thousands
> of mails some more than 8 months old. Recognizing most of these mails are
> probably not being moderated because they are spam, we intend to change all
> mailing lists which do not expire their moderation queue to expire moderation
> requests after 90 days.

> Again, the above is an intended policy change. Please send feedback on
> clo-devel at common-lisp.net.

> Kind regards,

> common-lisp.net admins

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