Proposed approach for decommissioning of CVS (migration to Git / Subversion)

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Thu Apr 9 08:42:35 UTC 2015


As announced in [1] and with follow-up in [2], in migrating
away from the use of CVS as one of the supported version control systems.
The git migration as mentioned in those mails has already taken place. The
darcs migration requires more attention due to the sheer number of darcs
repositories on the system. For that reason, we will be decommissioning CVS
as a next step first. The benefits of decommissioning CVS in terms of
having simplified system maintenance are bigger than those from
decommissioning Darcs, so when looking at it that way, this is a logical

The migration for the CVS repositories will be carried out according to the
steps below. Note that the default conversion for CVS repositories is going
to be to /git/ and imported into GitLab. However, we do understand that in
some cases this isn't going to meet the maintainers wishes. We'll notify
maintainers 1 week before the conversion is going to take place so a
migration to Subversion can be requested.

 * 1 week before conversion, project members will be notified of expected
 * Conversion to Git (default) or Subversion (upon request)
 * Import into GitLab, in case of Git conversion
 * Decommissioning (removing) CVS repository

Due to the need to contact project members *and* the fact that we're
talking about 110 repositories, migration will take place in batches. If
one has multiple repositories on using CVS, but
notification has come in only for one repo, then the batches for the others
aren't being worked on yet.

If people want to express their preference to migrate their repositories to
Subversion in advance of receiving a migration notification mail, requests
can be filed in clo's Trac instance:

I intend to send a summary of the above to the site announcements list
incorporating any adjustments to the procedure, based on your feedback.



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