[Clo-devel] ASDF-Devel moderation not working

Mario S. Mommer mmommer at common-lisp.net
Tue Oct 7 20:31:29 UTC 2014


I *think* I fixed this. Moderate testing suggests it is fixed, but,
you know, Murphy's law and all that.

As to this:

> I note that the mail notifications I get claim that I can simply reply
> in order to discard the messages: that doesn't seem to work either.

the way this works is that the message you get when a new post is held
has /as a mime part/ a message that, when you reply to /that one/, you
get the desired behavior.

In my MUA (claws-mail) I can indeed select that mime part, hit reply,
and have the correct reply address and confirmation code in the subject.

(Compare to the answers to this post:

I didn't know that either, btw :-)

If there are further problems, please let us know!


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