clo-devel list not working?

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at
Wed Sep 11 06:20:16 UTC 2013

>>>>> "Raymond" == Raymond Toy <toy.raymond at> writes:

    Raymond> I usually read the clo-devel list using gmane (and a news reader), so
    Raymond> I didn't notice this before, but I'm not getting any messages sent to
    Raymond> the clo-devel list anymore.  The last message I received via the list
    Raymond> is from 2011.

    Raymond> Should the list be working?

Oh, and for those who responded that they got my message, thanks.  But
it's not surprising because I used gmane to send it.

It's probably something on my end.  But I don't remember changing
anything with my gmail or thunderbird filters for clo-devel.  But I'm
getting old and my memory is going....


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