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Jean-Claude Beaudoin jean.claude.beaudoin at
Wed Apr 24 09:00:24 UTC 2013

I have been trying to figure out the new project mailing lists setup
on for the last few hours. I think I more or less
understand now how the lists setup is to be used but I still
have a few questions left:

1- Is there a web based interface to browse the archive of a list?

2- Is the mailman era archive of each list now simply
    unreachable from the web?

3- Is there a web based interface for new users to subscribe
    to a list?  Or, do we have to explain them on the project page
    that they need to send email to say
    "projectfoo-devel+subscribe at" in order
    to subscribe to the projectfoo-devel list?

4- From what I understand now there is no password associated
     with a subscription to a list, nor is there any password
     associated with the owner/admin role of a list.  Am I wrong
     in believing that now someone simply has to send emails
     with a forged From: field to hijack control of the list/subscription?


Jean-Claude Beaudoin
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