Is this thing on?

Drew Crampsie drewc at
Mon Apr 8 12:06:21 UTC 2013

Hey, has been going through a massive migration. As
stated[1], the server that cl-net was running on is not longer.

This friday was the last day of that server, and I have been working all
weekend to try and finish things off. 

On of the major issues was the email hosting. It was exim4 and mailman
for the lists, both of which I did not like. So I spent today migrating
to postfix, dovecot and mlmmj for mailing lists[2].

This is the first list that I have tried beyond my own personal tests,
so consider this a test post! If you happen to get this, please respond to me.
You could also CC the list if you so desire... my hope is that some do
and some don't. 

 -- drewc

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