[clo-devel] Integrating git with trac

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 18:06:01 UTC 2011

Just thought I'd drop a note about integrating git and trac together.  I
have this working now so that commits will send out an email and if the
commit message has the right magic keywords, the corresponding trac
ticket will be updated appropriately.

Look in /project/cmucl/public_html/git for post-receive.  This should be
copied (or linked) to hooks/post-receive.  Post-receive as a wrapper
script that runs post-receive-email and trac-post-receive-hook.3.py. 
(All of these come from the trac git page.)   Just follow the
instructions inside post-receive-email to configure how your emails are
handled.  I think you need to run git config in the git directory to
update the config appropriately.

For trac-post-receive-hook.3.py, I think all that's needed is to adjust
TRAC_ENV to point to your trac directory.

Hope this is helpful,


BTW, is there a general wiki for common-lisp.net?  It would be nice to
have one so users could add info like this there.

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