[clo-devel] Migration status: can we take down old common-lisp.net (aka elephant.common-lisp.net)?

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at gmail.com
Tue May 31 20:51:47 UTC 2011

It seems Franz changed the DNS for paste.lisp.org, the last service I
think which was still running on old common-lisp.net. So, is there any
reason not to stop that VM now?

There are probably some issues to work through before we can call new
common-lisp.net fully operational though.

One of the things I know of is the fact that viewCVS isn't working
yet. I'll be working on that coming weekend.
Another one is that the Subversion commit mails don't seem to get through.

Please anybody who has any remaining issues, file bugs at
admin at common-lisp.net so we can address in an orderly manner.

Thanks in advance!



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