[clo-devel] Migration status [2011-05-21]

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at gmail.com
Sat May 21 18:54:14 UTC 2011

common-lisp.net migration is progressing nicely:

- Today I was able to migrate lisppaste to new common-lisp.net.
- At the moment, I'm working to restore the functionality of many of
the cron jobs.
- The ticket tracker (available at admin at cl-net) is working
correctly (did I mention that already?)

We're serving multiple domains from common-lisp.net now and most of
the services.

There are some issues to be solved/ steps to be completed:

 * cron jobs need to be enabled [working on it]
 * viewvc needs to be configured correctly
 * DNS for paste.lisp.org should point to our new IP, or become a
CNAME for paste.common-lisp.net [asked Andreas Fuchs to contact Franz
system admins, Franz hosts the DNS]


 * have git-daemon and gitweb been configured correctly?


 * Some projects stored their binaries in directories related to the
old ftp service, which have been removed, because the ftp service has
been disabled for years now [project admins should probably be

Anybody who wants / is able to comment or complement?



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