[clo-devel] Migration status [2011-05-06]

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at gmail.com
Wed May 11 21:58:01 UTC 2011

Hi all,

To follow up on my earlier mail from last weekend:

>  * set up Apache virtual hosts for common-lisp.net,
> lists.common-lisp.net, trac.common-lisp.net (others?)

I've set up two virtual hosts in the web server: lists.cl-net and
trac.cl-net (the latter has an alias for trac.new.common-lisp.net for
as long as it's not the main trac server yet).

The Trac webserver configuration has been ported from Apache1.3 to
Apache2.2, which should take us another 15 years to require updating
again :-)

>>  * re-instate the ssh traffic route to new-cl-net
> When we reinstate ssh traffic routing, we'll also need to migrate
> Trac: some projects will depend on being able to call the
> trac-post-commit handler for subversion integration. Maybe other
> version control tools have similar integration. [Nice to have to be
> around the same time; but it does like a good next step after ]
>>  * set up the webserver in order to be able to migrate trac.c-l.net

This has happened now, including authentication setup. If people could
test the new setup is stable again, I'd like to switch trac.cl-net to
this new service.

Raymond, this is where you could do some testing: I've converted the
'oct' trac.ini to support git. There were other projects you wanted to
use with git support. It'd be great if you could test those on the new

> So, all in all, this was a productive weekend and we're ready to take
> the next steps.
> Before we can switch over the MX dns entry, Hans said we need to copy
> the /var/lib/mailman/lists directory, meaning that the switch-over
> steps will be:
>  * Turn off the MTA on old-*
>  * Turn off mailman on old-*
>  * Turn off mailman on new-*
>  * Sync mailman lists directory to new-*
>  * Update the URL in the existing projects using the command
> "/usr/lib/mailman/bin/withlist -l -a -r fix_url -- -v"
>  * (re)start mailman on new-*
>  * introduce redirect rules for common-lisp.net/pipermail,
> common-lisp.net/mailman/ and common-lisp.net/cgi-bin/mailman to
> lists.common-lisp.net/*
>  * move the /var/www-new-lists directory over the /var/www directory,
> updating links to lists.common-lisp.net.

I'm planning to execute the steps above (migrating the MTA) on friday
night, if feedback on Trac is good enough (or none). If there's any
reason not to proceed, please let me know before Friday 18:00 CEST.



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