[clo-devel] upgrading: how do you (want to) use cl.net? [detected: very large home directories]

Daniel Herring dherring at tentpost.com
Thu Mar 31 00:43:06 UTC 2011

On Wed, 30 Mar 2011, Erik Huelsmann wrote:

> One of the things I found is that 30 or 40 user accounts together
> occupy the nearly the full size allocated to /home (14gb out of 15gb
> allocated). Which raises the question: what do people do with their
> /home dirs and is /home really the best way to do that (or the best
> place to store it)?

I think I bumped into a couple of these.  People were hosting entire 
projects out of their home directory, apparently because they had trouble 
setting up a project.  Automated project creation and management would 

On the new features list, somewhere we need to set up a public build farm, 
where people can get easy access to a variety of lisp implementations and 

- Daniel

P.S.  Perhaps the most active project on the site, Slime, relies on CVS 
last I checked...

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