[clo-devel] On Volunteering

Hans Hübner hans.huebner at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 04:45:42 UTC 2011


I have received off-list email regarding my posting about using nagios
vs. some home-brew disk space monitoring mechanism.  I don't have the
time to discuss this at length, but I'd urge everyone not to waste
their time with meta discussions.  We need disk space monitoring, and
we need someone who wants to set it up and maintain it.  binghe
volunteered, and I am confident that he'll come up with something that
works and that he likes to keep running.  Most importantly, it is
something that he likes to do.  I find it rather unpleasant to read
advice from people with respect to the tools.  We are not an operation
where some tells someone else what to do, we do what we like for a
common good.

If you feel like you're in a tell-me-what-to-do-operation, I'll gladly
play boss for you.


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