[clo-devel] Huge trac.log's

Raymond Toy toy.raymond at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 03:17:28 UTC 2011

On 12/15/11 11:01 PM, Ingvar wrote:
> Ray writes:
>> Just noticed that there are huge trac.logs.  The cmucl trac log is 225
>> MB.  The oct and f2cl logs are huge too.
>> Is there any script available to rotate the logs?
> It should be relatively ueasy to convince logrotate to include those in the 
> normal log rotation.
> I don't know the path to the trac logs, but that aside, dropping a file with 
> contents something like this into /etc/logrotate.d/ should do the trick:

I think all trac logs are in /project/<proj>/trac/log/trac.log.

I guess it would help a lot if I didn't have log_level = DEBUG, which
happens to be the value in the sample trac.ini.
> ----->8 Example trac.log rotate specification 8<------
> /path/to/trac.log {
>    weekly
>    missingok
>    rotate 5
>    compress
>    delaycompress
>    notifempty
>    create <mode> <owner> <group>
> }
> --------->8 END 8<---------
> There's a whole slew of tunables in there. Don't know if daily or monthly 
> would be the right rotation cycle. Don't know how much historical log to save. 
> I do think both "compress" (compress historical logs) and "delaycompress" 
> (don't compress the first few rotated logs) make sense, but...
I think weekly is probably as often as needed, but I'm guessing.  I
don't know what the options mean, but I think an uncompressed current
log with all historical logs compressed is good.  I don't have a good
feel for how many logs to keep, but it seems 5 or so is decent.


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