[clo-devel] common-lisp.net admins

Erik Enge erik.enge at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 13:55:01 UTC 2006

Hi guys,

thanks for volunteering to help me out.  I'm starting a new job this
week and it'll be hectic over the next few months.  I really like what
common-lisp.net provides to the community so I figure instead of
risking anything I wanted to reach out and get some help.  I will
continue to pay for the server from the donated money so you don't
have to worry about that part.

To give you an idea, here's what's required on a week-to-week basis:

  - monitor system-notifications@ mailinglist for warnings about diskspace
    or integrit failures (integrit is similar to tripwire)

  - run /custom/bin/add-user.sh and /custom/bin/add-project.sh

  - on occasion run /custom/bin/add-trac.sh

  - run /custom/bin/update-integrit whenever you change something

That's mostly it.  To figure out what the server is doing you can
start by visiting /etc/crontab and see all processes that are ran
every day.  Mostly everything just works but there are a good bit of
things actually running.

People will mail requests to admin@ for a new project.  Our job is to
make sure they give us all information we need (licence, project name,
project members and any GPG keys) and then run the appropriate
scripts.  I usually go ahead and approve projects as long as the
license is open-source although if there's another Common Lisp project
out there with the exact name I will want to get in touch with that
person first and see what's going on (see the admin list archives for
cl-screen, for an example).

I'll send you guys an encrypted email with the root password shortly
but I will not CC the list for that one.  Please feel free to call me
on 770-906-7641 if you have any questions and I can't be reached by

Since we will now be three admins we have introduced a race condition
about approving projects.  I suggest as a policy the person
approving/creating a project replies immediately to that request
saying something like "Ok, I'll take care of this" so the other admins
know not to try anything.  Opinions welcome, of course.

Lastly, it's not too late to back out if this is more than you think
you signed up for, no hard feelings.


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