[clo-devel] [PATCH] Make project prefix configurable

Erik Huelsmann ehuels at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 20:56:45 UTC 2006

On 7/6/06, Erik Enge <erik.enge at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 5/10/06, Erik Huelsmann <ehuels at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I've created the attached patch to disable the project prefix in
> > notification mails because I'm a user of the common-lisp.net site
> > which uses Trac for bug tracking for hosted projects which choose to
> > do so.
> I've had someone else ask for this so I'm going to apply the patch.
> However, I can't find a trac/ticket/notification.py nor a
> trac/notification.py in my trac 0.9.4.  Was the patch against a
> different version, if so which?

It's a patch against trunk...

The actual code change is almost equal to what 0.9.4 would need, but
in different files...



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