[clo-devel] future of common-lisp.net

Gary King gwking at metabang.com
Wed Oct 19 18:40:06 UTC 2005

Hi Mario,

Thanks for hosting so ably for so long.

I'll gladly offer help to your successor but doubt that I'm able to  
take over complete responsibility right now. Do you have the time to  
spec out all the various bits and pieces that you do and that need to  
be done. This might help your successors figure out how they can fit  
in to keep common-lisp.net running.

For example, what is the required physical infrastructure. I  
"run" (if that's the word <smile>) metabang.com using WestNIC.net.  
They are fine for simple HTML but don't even have SSH access (?!).


On Oct 19, 2005, at 2:22 PM, Mario S. Mommer wrote:

> Hello,
> There is a larguish problem with common-lisp.net. That problem simply
> is that its main admin and otherwise responsible guy (that is, me),
> has simply had more than enough of it. I just do not want to do this
> any longer. I enjoyed it for a long time but that time has been over
> for a while.
> I don't think that things are going well with common-lisp.net as they
> are. The projects page is abandoned. We are still running debian
> woody. This sort of thing happens because I do not have the time, the
> expertise, or simply the energy to do better, and because there is no
> real infrastructure for sharing responsibilities. A project like this
> should have one, but I don't have the energy nor the time of building
> one.
> Thus, I have decided to stop accepting new projects and begin to think
> about a way out of this.
> Perhaps someone else might want to take over, which means taking over
> completely, including organizing the hosting. I will assist with
> whatever help is needed for the transition, which, BTW, is fairly
> simple. If you run a modern 2.6 kernel with masquerading capabilities,
> common-lisp.net is just a single (resource-heavy) application. But
> whoever takes over - be warned. Sooner or later you will have to solve
> the infrastructure problem I mentioned above.
> (And obviously, there is some selectivity about who might take over.)
> If nobody feels like taking over, I will shut down common-lisp.net at
> the end December 2005.
> I'm sorry.
> Regards,
>         Mario.
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Gary Warren King

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