[clo-devel] NNTP gateway for local.cl-pdf.devel

Erik Enge eenge at prium.net
Thu Jan 8 15:14:33 UTC 2004

Eric Marsden <emarsden at laas.fr> writes:

> I think that all c-l.net lists should allow non-members to post.  (You
> should not give the choice to project admins.)

The issue has to do with spam.  But later you point out:

> For the service to be usable, it is important that I be able to post
> to any list via NNTP. I don't think that you'll have problems with
> spam via NNTP.

I can't find any options in Mailman to tweak this (a configurable CL
mailinglist archives would be nice) so it would involve hacking the
appropriate scripts.  I can do that but I won't have time before a few
weeks have gone by.  In the mean time, if anyone would like to suggest a
different approach or hacks themselves, I'd happily use those at clnet.


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