[Clo-devel] Something funny with commits

Nikodemus Siivola nikodemus at random-state.net
Sun Sep 28 11:13:10 UTC 2003

Linedit commits have started ending like this:

Checking in version.txt;
/project/linedit/cvsroot/src/version.txt,v  <--  version.txt
new revision:; previous revision: 1.1
Date: Sun Sep 28 07:16:09 2003
Author: nsiivola

Index: src/complete.lisp
diff -u src/complete.lisp: src/complete.lisp:
--- src/complete.lisp:   Fri Sep 26 06:58:30 2003
+++ src/complete.lisp   Sun Sep 28 07:16:09 2003
@@ -21,52 +21,8 @@
 (in-package :linedit)
-;;This version of DIRECTORY-COMPLETE is much nicer, but requires
-;;OSICAT, which I havent yet released. Hence the interim version
sh: -c: line 14: syntax error near unexpected token `;b'
sh: -c: line 14: `-;;below. Maybe I should just put some foriegn glue in for th

And nothing appears on the commits-list, but CVS is fine.


 -- Nikodemus

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