[Clo-devel] ftp updates

Erik Enge erik at nittin.net
Thu Sep 11 21:11:01 UTC 2003

Nikodemus Siivola <nikodemus at random-state.net> writes:

> Maybe /var/ftp/pub/project/<name< should be symlinks to
> /project/<name>/ftp, and likewise for public_html?

You probably missed my other email:

  Ok, after popular demand, I have removed the cron approach to updating
  the www directories for the projects.
  /project/<project-name>/public_html is now being symlinked to from
  /var/www/project/<project-name> so any changes you make will be

  I'm thinking about doing the same with FTP but that would mean I
  couldn't do the chroot anymore (unless I'm missing something) and I'm
  not sure we want to do that yet.

Still not sure about that one.  Perhaps I'm too cautious about security.
If none of you get a bad feeling in your stomachs from running the FTP
server without a chroot I'll go ahead and do it.


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