[lists] Re: [clo-devel] Getting clhp installed on Apache

Anthony Ventimiglia anthony at ventimiglia.org
Thu Nov 13 15:28:06 UTC 2003

Erik Enge writes:
 > Anthony Ventimiglia <anthony at ventimiglia.org> writes:
 > > So I'd like to know if we can install it, so I can actually use it for
 > > the clhp home page?
 > What would an install require?

I've documented it pretty well in the INSTALL file, basically we need
cmucl, asdf, apache, gcc and apxs (for building the module) apxs is part of
apache, with the Debian system you'll need to $ apt-get install
apache-dev to get apxs.

I've tested the install on Debian Woody (which it looks like you're
using). And it works fine. You'll have to edit the INSTALL and APXS
variables in the Makefile. 

Basically you untar the dist tarball cd into the directory and run the

$ make
$ make module 
# as root
# make install
# make module install

Then you'll have to add a couple lines to the apache config file (I've
documented it in INSTALL. restart apache, and all should be working. I
have a test page to see if the install was a success.

(incf *yankees-world-series-losses*)

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