[clo-devel] Re: Payment Past Due, account

Mario S. Mommer m_mommer at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 10 17:35:05 UTC 2003

Erik Enge <eenge at prium.net> writes:
> "Alvaro Miles" <qnhfla17ln at yahoo.com> writes:
> > [snip spam]
> Ok, that's not fun.  Our options:
>   a) install spamassassin in which case it doesn't work very well and
>   we'll still get spam every now and then,
>   b) just let it keep pouring in, or 
>   c) close the list to non-subscribed traffic.
> What do you think?

b) is bad, I think. c) is the best option for most lists anyway, and
without a) we will get more and more spam anyway... :-|

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