[lists] [clo-devel] Re: Please upload your public GPG key to common-lisp.net

Anthony Ventimiglia anthony at ventimiglia.org
Thu Nov 6 22:59:51 UTC 2003

Erik Enge writes:
 > Kevin Rosenberg <kevin at rosenberg.net> writes:
 > > Did I understand correctly that you'll be signing public keys that are
 > > used are the common-lisp.net server?
 > Yes.
 > > If so, are you planning on signing them with your personal key or an
 > > administrative, common-lisp.net key?
 > Good question.  What say you others?  I think it sounds like a good idea
 > to have an administrative common-lisp.net key.

That sounds like the best bet, using your personal key may lead to
some confusion. Maybe make a special address like
keyring at common-lisp.net to sign keys with. 

I don't know if you've considered an easy way for the general public
to get our keys (is that necessary ?). Should we set up some interface
so our keys can be accessed through an HTTP interface ?

(incf *yankees-world-series-losses*)

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