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Nikodemus Siivola nikodemus at random-state.net
Tue Aug 19 13:04:51 UTC 2003

As seen on cll:

"It is a pleasure to announce


a web-site dedicated to providing the Common Lisp community with
development resources, including CVS, FTP, mailing lists, and

Future plans include Subversion and Arch support, co-operation with
other related projects, plus news and articles (authors are welcome!)."

CCLAN is definitely a project we (Common-lisp.net) would like to
co-operate with. 

Possibilities include:

 * CCLAN node at ftp://ftp.common-lisp.net/pub/cclan/

 * Semi-automatic inclusion of projects hosted at Common-lisp.net to
   CCLAN: hosted projects fullfilling CCLAN requirements would be
   provided a mechanism for making releases into CCLAN without
   human intervention (or whatever amount of human intervention
   is considered necessary for safety).

The first is probably a relatively simple matter, but the second would
require among other things a common aproach to project names.

Before boring everyone with my own thoughts on this I'd like to hear
if CCLAN folks consider either option in the least viable.

[ Note: Let's keep this discussion on cclan-list, and drop clo-devel
  from CC. People on clo-devel interested in this should subscribe to
  cclan-list for the duration. ]


 -- Nikodemus
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