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nikodemus at random-state.net nikodemus at random-state.net
Wed Aug 13 17:26:27 UTC 2003

On Wed, Aug 13, 2003 at 07:55:09PM +0300, nikodemus at random-state.net wrote:
> [ Before you all wonder if I've lost my mind: no. This will serve as a
>   test-case for auditing projects for hosting. This also means that
>   politeness is *not* expected. To avoid conflict of interest ,)= I
>   will not take part in this conversation unless clarification, etc is
>   asked. ]

And as "user-input" I must say that a form of somesort would be nice
to have. Just plain text that can be copied to an email is fine.

I've attached a proposal for such a form.


 -- Nikodemus
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Name: <Project name>

Summary: <Description of your project in 3-20 lines, including it's
          current status and age.>

Owner: <Full name and email address of project owner.>

Members: <Full names and email addresses of project members.>

License: <Licenses used by project. If more than one, please clarify.>

Dependencies: <Implemenation requirements and other components the
               project depends on.>

URLs: <If the project already has a web-page, or it's source code is
       available, please provide the relevant URLs.>

Comments: <Anything else you want to add.>
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