[climacs-devel] Re: Fwd: "Vial" mode for Climacs?

John Q Splittist splittist at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 09:21:03 UTC 2006

Troels Henriksen <athas <at> sigkill.dk> writes:
> "Brad Beveridge" <brad.beveridge <at> gmail.com> writes:
> > I don't mind a lot of work in the long run, but I'm the type of person
> > who likes/needs gratification early, so I hope that getting something
> > half baked working will be pretty fast :)
> In that case, I'd recommend that you start out by using Climacs as a
> library (switch to the Climacs buffer protocol, perhaps the syntaxes,
> etc) in an independent application, and wait a while before attempting
> to implement Vial in Climacs.

I agree with this.

My suggestion would be:

* Use the buffer protocol.

* Use the parts of the syntaxes that parse and display the buffer.

* Make your own application frame, with your own command parser (but look at 
what ESA gives you for gesture-handling, too), but have panes and buffers 
inherit from the Climacs ones.

* Reuse as much of the functionality underlying the Climacs commands as you 
can (movement, file handling etc.). If stuff needs to be moved out of a 
command definition into a supporting function, that is probably a good thing.

* Extend the Swine functionality to talk to a remote lisp (:


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