[climacs-announce] Progress report

Troels Henriksen athas at sigkill.dk
Sun Apr 23 17:03:49 UTC 2006

(I have been asked to write up a progress report. I'm new to this, so
   please bear with me.)

Dear list-members,

Since the last progress report, Climacs has been cleaned up in a
number of areas, though not much major functionality has been
added. Some of the major improvements are:

       * Climacs will now be more well-behaved when using
         execute-frame-command thanks to Christophe Rhodes. This opens
         up the possibility of integrating CLIM-applications through
         cross-application scripting.

       * Thanks to Timothy Moore, Climacs should now run under Allegro
         Common Lisp CLIM(tm) - including modern mode.

       * ESA has finally been factored out of the main Climacs module
         and into its own. This should ease maintenance, as ESA
         previously had to be maintained in both the Climacs and
         Gsharp repositories.

       * Climacs now support local options lists, where a file can
         specify options for Climacs by putting
         "-*- {Option-name: Value;}* -*-" in the first line of the
         file. In Emacs, this feature is known as the local variables

       * The Lisp syntax module has been extended with various new
         functions for easier navigation of the parse tree
         (exploitation of this can be seen in the CLIM-desktop repo)
         as well as conversion of parser tokens to the Lisp objects
         they represent. A number of bugs have been fixed as well.

Of course, there has been the usual bugfixes and new commands (for
example an "Indent Expression" command for the Lisp syntax

Hopefully, the cleanups and gradual maturing of the editor will cause
more feature-oriented commits over the next few months. The future of
Climacs is as bright as ever, and with the general maturing of the
free CLIM universe, integration with other CLIM programs should soon
come. The "self-documenting" aspect of Climacs should also receive
some attention over the next weeks.
\  Troels "Athas" Henriksen
/\ - Insert witty signature

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