[cldoc-devel] CLDOC Development Activity?

Joshua TAYLOR tayloj at cs.rpi.edu
Thu Feb 12 16:03:53 UTC 2009

Hello CLDOC Devs,

I'm wondering how active development is on CLDOC, and how
contributions are currently handled. I see that the last archived
messages on this list are from August 2007 (and even then, it was a
thread that I started ^_^). I"m still using CLDOC for some projects,
and I think that I'm at the point where it's worth my time to fix some
of the minor issues that I run into.

E.g., in documenting a "define-drs-condition" macro in an "ace-drs"
package, I can't (cldoc:define-descriptor-handler
ace-drs:define-drs-condition ...), but must
(cldoc:define-descriptor-handler define-drs-condition ...). Or in
putting in hyperlinks in documentation using braces (#\{ #\}), it
seems that a non space character immediately following the closing #\}
keeps a link from being inserted.

Now, I don't want to step on anyone's toes, so I'm wondering what the
best way to go about this is. I can either many a bunch of changes
locally and come back with a big diff/patch, or I can do things bit by
bit integrating incrementally, or <insert alternative here>.

Happy Documenting,
//Joshua Taylor
tayloj at cs.rpi.edu

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