[cl-xmpp-devel] Getting started: trivial-sockets?

David Lichteblau david at lichteblau.com
Wed Jan 23 10:10:27 UTC 2008

Quoting Scott Graham (sgraham at gmail.com):
> I just tried to get cl-xmpp running, but I'm unable to get a working
> copy of trivial-sockets on which it appears to depend.

darcs get http://common-lisp.net/project/clbuild/mirror/trivial-sockets/

> Also: _latest.tar.gz, or http://www.lichteblau.com/git/cl-xmpp.git/,
> or common-lisp.net CVS?

At this moment the git repository.

(I'll try to check in the ravenpack changes to CVS some time soon
though, then CVS will the right place again.)


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