[cl-store-devel] ABCL tests

szergling senatorzergling at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 01:19:43 UTC 2007

On Nov 18, 2007 2:56 AM, szergling <senatorzergling at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Nov 17, 2007 6:30 AM, Sean Ross <rosssd at gmail.com> wrote:


> > Both of these hash-tables are used to track objects that have already
> > been restored (or stored as the case may be) and integers (and IIRC
> > characters) are not checked for this. Using #'eql for these two tests
> > shouldn't hurt but I feel that using #'eq it makes it clear that it is
> > testing for the `same` object.
> Ok, I probably should look at more cases. I had only observed, and
> assumed that keys to the store/restore hash-tables are always integers
> (and hence require hash-table tests to be #'eql). If that were the
> case (that keys are integers), the best test to communicate the
> program's intent would be to make-hash-table with :test #'=, except
> hash tables only portably support :test for "eq, eql, equal, or
> equalp" (default eql).
> Re-reading your reply, let me clarify also that I was not referring to
> the test for object identity (values (as opposed to keys) of the
> store/restore hash table).

Thousand apologies!

There has been some confusion here. I have been looking at
cl-store_0.7, so my patches were really outdated. Indeed, in
cl-store_0.8, the #'eql test for the store/restore hash-tables has
been implemented, and I begin to see #+abcl sprinkled about the code,
so my patches were not required.

> > > At the moment, there were quite a few failed tests, and I cannot even
> > > finish large.1
> >
> > I'm not too sure what causes this but I'm assuming that it's some form
> > of unhappiness between ABCL and CL-STORE.
> I think it's just because ABCL runs out of memory, so please don't
> read too much into that. I will try a larger heap the next time I get
> around to it.

It looks like a scalability issue, but aside from that, it runs

CL-USER> (time (let ((list (make-list 10)))
                 (setf (cdr (last list)) list)
                 (cl-store:store list cl-store-tests::*test-file*)
                 (let ((ret (cl-store:restore cl-store-tests::*test-file*)))
                   (eq (nthcdr 10 ret) ret))))
0.11 seconds real time

42220 cons cells

CL-USER> (time (let ((list (make-list 100)))
                 (setf (cdr (last list)) list)
                 (cl-store:store list cl-store-tests::*test-file*)
                 (let ((ret (cl-store:restore cl-store-tests::*test-file*)))
                   (eq (nthcdr 100 ret) ret))))
0.547 seconds real time

219689 cons cells

CL-USER> (time (let ((list (make-list 1000)))
                 (setf (cdr (last list)) list)
                 (cl-store:store list cl-store-tests::*test-file*)
                 (let ((ret (cl-store:restore cl-store-tests::*test-file*)))
                   (eq (nthcdr 1000 ret) ret))))
5.078 seconds real time

1993699 cons cells

CL-USER> (time (let ((list (make-list 10000)))
                 (setf (cdr (last list)) list)
                 (cl-store:store list cl-store-tests::*test-file*)
                 (let ((ret (cl-store:restore cl-store-tests::*test-file*)))
                   (eq (nthcdr 10000 ret) ret))))
53.547 seconds real time

19735041 cons cells


As of now, most tests seem to pass, with the exception of packages,
CLOS objects, conditions (they seem to be CLOS objects) and large
objects. However, because I'm using ABCL 0.0.9, I had to workaround an
issue with file compilation and had to load default-backend.lisp
manually. This seems to be related to ABCL's (at least for my version)
lack of support for compilation of certain types of closures.

Cheers, and apologies again.

Final issue: this looks like I got confused with yet another version
of cl-store. cl-store_0.8 seems to ignore the pathname-host.

> PS: I haven't tested this, but is it a bug? Need to swap pathname to
> obj in host-namestring and change (serialize ... to (store-object ...
> (defstore-cl-store (obj pathname stream)
>  ;; pathname-host code stolen from serialize.lisp in Rucksack.
>  ;; Copyright (c) 2006 Arthur Lemmens
>  ;; PORTABILITY NOTE: This is not necessarily portable. If an implementation
>  ;; uses non-serializable objects to represent host or device or directory
>  ;; or name or type or version, this will break.
>  (output-type-code +pathname-code+ stream)
>  #-sbcl(serialize (pathname-host pathname) stream)
>  #+sbcl(serialize (host-namestring pathname) stream)
>  (store-object (pathname-device obj) stream)
>  (store-object (pathname-directory obj) stream)
>  (store-object (pathname-name obj) stream)
>  (store-object (pathname-type obj) stream)
>  (store-object (pathname-version obj) stream))

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