[cl-rdbms-devel] Convenience over extensibility? Or: How to build on top of hu.dwim.rdbms?

Marshall McLuhan marshall.mcluhan at gmx.net
Mon Nov 8 12:16:53 UTC 2010

One more critic.

Constantly you have to come up with names that describe things that can't be (easily) described objectively
and therefore make hardly more sense to an outsider than short names.

I see unit tests as more import than long names (and shorter because of the use of short names)
even if they seem redundant at times. They make a great documenation.
A documentation that can test itself and describes code most accurately.
In my opinion, the letters you save with short names should go into unit tests.

That said, short names have their drawbacks, of course, and it's also a personal question. (who you came from, genetics etc)





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