[cl-proc-devel] Version bump for libproc

Abhishek Reddy mail at abhishek.geek.nz
Wed Nov 3 14:32:47 UTC 2010


Right now, cl-proc depends on (:or "libproc-3.2.7" "libproc.so") as a
foreign library.

However, libproc-3.2.8 is the current version available in Debian and
Ubuntu.  Normally, the libproc.so dependency would suffice, but there is a
quirk in some versions of the deb package.  The symlink named libproc.so is
only available in more recent releases, such as Ubuntu 10.10.  This is not
available in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, causing a build failure of cl-proc.

Moreover, Quicklisp currently tests *nix builds on Ubuntu 10.04, and the
missing dependency blocks cl-proc from being added to the distribution.[1]

Given that cl-proc already depends on libproc-3.2.7, it would not be too
onerous to depend on libproc-3.2.8 too, as a one-off fix for Ubuntu 10.04.
Subsequent distro packages will probably provide libproc.so, so there should
not be any need to keep up.

diff -rN old-cl-proc/src/proc-linux.lisp new-cl-proc/src/proc-linux.lisp
<     (:unix (:or "libproc-3.2.7.so" "libproc.so"))
>     (:unix (:or "libproc-3.2.8.so" "libproc-3.2.7.so" "libproc.so"))

[1] https://github.com/quicklisp/quicklisp-projects/issues#issue/4

Abhishek Reddy
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