[cl-ppcre-devel] Buffered multi-line question

Sébastien Saint-Sevin seb-cl-mailist at matchix.com
Mon Oct 11 16:52:56 UTC 2004

Hi Edi & list,

I'm doing multi-lines regex searches over big files that can't be converted
to single string.
So I introduced a kind of buffer that I'm using to search.

Now, I need to add a constraint to scan, do-scans & others (in addition to
(&key start end)) :
I want to be able to specify to the engine that a scan must start before a
certain index in the string (to avoid searching further results that will be
cancelled later because of my buffered multi-line matching process).

Logically, this :must-start-before value correspond to the first line of my
buffer. If nothing starts at first line, I need to move the search one line
forward, so everything that the engine would match later on in the string is
wasted time.

How can I do it ?


PS: Edi, if you are back, my previous post is still an open question ;-)
(the one with FILTER...)

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