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Borbély Tamás tomi.borbely at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 13:10:21 UTC 2010

Hi Tomas,

We used the 'Oracle 10g Express Edition' as I remember.

The rdms port is almost complete (~90%). It means that SQL
commands/transactions should work.
The problems we have are related to the mapping between cl-rdbms types and
the oracle sql types.
The cl-rdbms types are closer to the postgresql. Oracle does not have
boolean type, int16,int32,... types, so
they are mapped to char(1), and number, which makes the reverse mapping

I started the perec port to oracle, but that was never finished.
I would say it's cca. 50%. Some queries generated by the query compiler are
not valid in oracle sql
(e.g. there is no 'case' expression). Furthermore we have added
functionality to perec after I tried the port,
(like using views, dimensional stuff), in which I don't have experience how
hard is to port.

That's all, I can remember now. If you have some concrete question just drop
me a mail.


2010/3/17 Tomas Hlavaty <tomas.hlavaty at knowledgetools.de>

> Hi Tomi,
> I am starting to work on porting hu.dwim.rdbms to oracle (and
> hu.dwim.perec later) and I would like to ask what state was the oracle
> backend last time it was maintained?  What version of oracle database
> did you use?
> Thank you,
> Tomas
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