[Cl-perec-devel] Problem with one-to-many association type

Makarov Alexey alexeys9 at mail.ru
Wed Dec 10 05:02:14 UTC 2008


I have two classes:

(defpclass employee ()
  ((first-name :initarg :name :type string :accessor name-of)
   (second-name :initarg :second-name type string :accessor
   (third-name :initarg :third-name :type string :accessor

(defpclass project ()
  ((code :initarg :code :type string :accessor code-of)
   (short-name :initarg :short-name :type string :accessor name-of)
   (full-name :initarg :full-name :type string :accessor full-name-of)))

I define association (one-to-many), and can't work with this classes any
more because of error:

  ((:class project :slot members :type (set employee) :accessor
members-of :initarg :members)
   (:class employee :slot project :type project :accessor
project-of :initarg :project)))


    (select (o)
        (from (o project))))

appear this error:

There is no applicable method for the generic function
when called with arguments
  (T NIL).
   [Condition of type SIMPLE-ERROR]

I'm use fresh cl-rdbms and fresh cl-perec.
How to solve this error and use one-to-many association?
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