[Cl-perec-devel] Special requirements

Leslie P. Polzer leslie.polzer at gmx.net
Thu Aug 21 11:39:04 UTC 2008


I'm contemplating moving from Elephant to cl-perec.

My project has some special requirements:

  * Persistent objects and values are accessed by multiple threads.

  * Persistent objects and values are accessed by multiple processes.

  * Processes share a central storage 'ITEMS'. Additionally, each
    process has a private storage 'WORLD'.

  * Objects from the central storage need to be copied from ITEMS
    to WORLD on a regular basis, including their associations
    (I currently do this with a recursive clone-by-value).

With this in mind, two questions:

  Will cl-perec in its current state cope with this?
  In negative case, are there workarounds?

  What happens when I have a schema change and I update
  the live processes one by one?



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