[cl-openid-ticket] Re: #11: error while loging with SmugMug OpenID identifier

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Wed Aug 13 07:31:44 UTC 2008

#11: error while loging with SmugMug OpenID identifier
  Reporter:  avodonosov  |       Owner:  mpasternacki           
      Type:  defect      |      Status:  assigned               
  Priority:  major       |   Milestone:  HTTP client portability
 Component:  code        |     Version:  0.5 nonportable        
Resolution:              |    Keywords:                         
Comment (by mpasternacki):

 On SmugMug support forum I saw users reporting that only a few RPs work
 with their ID (of which only livejournal has been mentioned explicitly),
 and many RPs fail.  Python-openid, which I use as a reference
 implementation, fails in "smart" mode (with associations), but everything
 works in stateless mode (signature verification by direct request to OP).
 It is possible that services that work just use stateless mode, and it
 might be a good workaround to just ignore failed association attempts and
 go on with stateless mode.

 What SmugMug passes as mac_key is evidently not a Base64-encoded array
 that is required by spec (it's 19 characters long and not padded with =
 signs), looks like a hex number, but however I try to interpret it, I
 can't get signatures working.  I'll see if anybody on their support forum
 replies to my report.

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