[cl-muproc-devel] New version of cl-muproc (was: Reorg of impl-dep functions)

Klaus Harbo klaus at mu.dk
Thu Jun 8 09:24:28 UTC 2006

Rudi Schlatte wrote:

> Hmm, muproc-compat.lisp (in your proposal below) would be essentially 
> documentation, and would only be loaded on otherwise unsupported Lisp 
> implementations.  In that light, would it make sense to create 
> muproc-compat.txt (or porting.txt) and document the muproc-compat 
> interface there?  Alternatively, the documentation could also be written 
> as comments in the :exports section of the defpackage form for the 
> cl-muproc.compat package.

There's a new version of cl-muproc incorporating Rudi's new with a few 
modifcations...  I decided that with implementation specific files, 
muproc-compat.lisp did not make much sense.  I think the package 
definition for cl-muproc.compat defines the required implementation 
specific functionality adequately, and decided to add a PORTING file 
briefly describing the intended structure of implementation specific 
code instead.

The new version compiles without warnings and passes the test on Lispworks.



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