[cl-muproc-devel] Allegro CL port

Klaus Harbo klaus at mu.dk
Wed Jul 12 21:40:03 UTC 2006

Luís Oliveira wrote:
> Hello.
> Attached is the following patch that adds an Allegro CL port to 
> cl-muproc. Feel free to ignore the unrelated changes to cl-muproc.asd.
> Wed Jul 12 00:24:56 WEST 2006  Luis Oliveira <loliveira at common-lisp.net>
>   * Allegro CL port.
>   Passes all tests under Allegro CL 8.0 Express Edition on Mac OS 10.4.7.
>   (Also, simplified cl-muproc.asd.)
Great Luis!  cl-muproc with support for Allegro is available in the 
repository as well as in a new release.

Wow, support for 4 new platforms in less than a week --- I'm impressed, 
guys! ;-)  Much faster than I had ever hoped.  AFAICT, cl-muproc is now 
available to the vast majority of Common Lisp users.


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