[cl-l10n-announce] [RELEASE] cl-l10n 0.2.0

Sean Ross sdr at jhb.ucs.co.za
Mon Jan 3 11:31:52 UTC 2005

Version 0.2 of cl-l10n has just been released,

Noteworthy changes are,

-- Embeddable Common Lisp is now supported.
-- New function parse-number has been added.
-- format-number and format-money are now substantially faster.
-- locale-t-fmt is used when there is no useable value for 
   locale-t-fmt-ampm when printing dates.
-- Monetary values are decently rounded now.
-- Added format which can be shadow imported to provide 3
   new format directives, ~u (universal-time), ~m (monetary values) 
   and ~n (numeric values). The new directives are drop in replacements
   for the ~/ / format function calls.
-- Added formatter which can also be shadow imported and 
   handles the new format directives.
-- And various internal patches  


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