[cl-l10n-announce] CL-L10n 0.3 Release.

Sean Ross sdr at jhb.ucs.co.za
Fri Apr 1 09:54:52 UTC 2005

Announcing the Release of cl-l10n version 0.3 

Noteworthy Changes since 0.2

* Bug fix in float padding.
* Support for Allegro CL
* Format compiler macro to reducing runtime parsing of
  format strings.
* Bug Fix in category copying.
* %z Time format directive fixed 0 time zone was -0000
* New exported symbol parse-time which parses time strings using 
  the current locale.
* parse-number and parse-time now signal parser-error.
* Tests are fixed to work in time zones other than my own (+0200).
* locale-error is now really an error (and not just a condition)
* format-time and print-time now take a time-zone argument.
* Added tests for each supported time format directive.
* Fixed the %w, %e, %x, %X, %d and %j time format directives.
* Time format directives and locale acessor functions are now
  fully listed in the documentation.


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 natural  deficiency in moral fibre," he muttered to himself, "and
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