[Cl-irc-cvs] CVS update: Module imported: cl-irc

Erik Enge eenge at common-lisp.net
Mon Jan 5 14:13:05 UTC 2004

Update of /project/cl-irc/cvsroot/cl-irc
In directory common-lisp.net:/tmp/cvs-serv24322

Log Message:
initial import


Vendor Tag:	eenge
Release Tags:	init
N cl-irc/Makefile
N cl-irc/CREDITS
N cl-irc/LICENSE
N cl-irc/cl-irc.asd
N cl-irc/README
N cl-irc/TODO
N cl-irc/command.lisp
N cl-irc/event.lisp
N cl-irc/package.lisp
N cl-irc/parse-message.lisp
N cl-irc/protocol.lisp
N cl-irc/utility.lisp
N cl-irc/variable.lisp
N cl-irc/debian/changelog
N cl-irc/debian/compat
N cl-irc/debian/control
N cl-irc/debian/copyright
N cl-irc/debian/postinst
N cl-irc/debian/prerm
N cl-irc/debian/rules
N cl-irc/doc/rfc2810.txt
N cl-irc/doc/rfc2811.txt
N cl-irc/doc/rfc2812.txt
N cl-irc/doc/rfc2813.txt
N cl-irc/doc/user-guide.txt
N cl-irc/example/Mop_Sym.txt
N cl-irc/example/clhs.lisp
N cl-irc/example/cliki.lisp
N cl-irc/test/cl-irc-test.asd
N cl-irc/test/irc-messages.txt
N cl-irc/test/package.lisp
N cl-irc/test/test-parse-message.lisp
N cl-irc/test/test-protocol.lisp

No conflicts created by this import

Date: Mon Jan  5 09:13:05 2004
Author: eenge
New module cl-irc added

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