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Mon Nov 27 23:48:08 UTC 2006

Author: mhenoch
Date: Mon Nov 27 18:48:08 2006
New Revision: 80

Mention record-changes in README

Modified: cl-darcs/trunk/README
--- cl-darcs/trunk/README	(original)
+++ cl-darcs/trunk/README	Mon Nov 27 18:48:08 2006
@@ -22,12 +22,19 @@
 (darcs:pull "/local/repo-dir/" "http://path/to/repo")
-cl-darcs currently doesn't try to merge changes in your local tree
-with patches you pull; you have to do that manually if you want to
-edit files.  For now, you need an external tool to find the local
-changes, e.g:
+When pulling, the new patches will be applied on top of any unrecorded
+changes, which has a good chance of not working.
-diff -x _darcs -ru _darcs/pristine/ .
+To record your own changes:
+(darcs:record-changes "/local/repo-dir/"
+		      "Short patch description"
+		      "my-address at example.com"
+		      :now
+		      "Longer, possibly multi-line, description.
+Or just NIL.")
+You will be asked about which changes should be recorded.
 * Configuration

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