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More work on Cells and Celtk

--- /project/cells/cvsroot/cells/README.txt	2005/05/06 21:05:45	1.1
+++ /project/cells/cvsroot/cells/README.txt	2006/03/22 04:08:34	1.2
@@ -12,18 +12,22 @@
 of tracking dependencies among cells, and propagating values. It is
 distributed under an MIT-style license.
-Documentation is unfortunately quite lacking; the cells-devel list is
-still your best source of information.  Some documentation can be
-found in the doc/ directory of the distribution.  See the website at
-http://www.common-lisp.net/project/cells/ for more info.
+Documentation/support is in the form of:
+   the cells-devel mailing list (users and developers both welcome)
+   .\docs\01-cell-basics.lisp
+   .\docs\motor-control.lisp ;; actually Bill Clementson's blog entry
+   extensive examples in the Cells-test regression test suite 
+   the companion Celtk module, which happens also to provide a substantial and 
+        growing portable, native Common Lisp GUI. 
+The above examples have all been tested against the current release of Cells.
+Now in .\doc is cells-overview.pdf. That is pretty rough and obsolete in re the
+code, but some of it might be enlightening.
 Cells is written in almost-portable ANSI Common Lisp.  It makes very
 light use of the introspective portions of the MOP, and contains a few
-workarounds for shortcomings in common implementations.  It contains
-gratuitous use of silly reader conditionals (eg, #-chya, #-not, etc),
-so users wishing to push things like :TEST and :NOT on *FEATURES*, and
-users of the New Implementation of Lisp (NIL) should beware.  If the
-last sentance didn't mean anything to you, you can ignore it.
+workarounds for shortcomings in common implementations. 
 Cells is known to currently work on the following Lisp implementations:
@@ -43,7 +47,7 @@
 a bug in its CLOS implementation, but has not been investigated in
 great depth.
-Cells is belived to work with Corman CL, but has not been recently
+Cells is believed to work with Corman CL, but has not been recently
 tested.  In the past, MCL was supported, but a it does not currently
 pass the test suite.  Ressurecting full support for any of these
 implementations should be easy.
--- /project/cells/cvsroot/cells/cells-test.asd	2006/03/19 00:28:38	1.4
+++ /project/cells/cvsroot/cells/cells-test.asd	2006/03/22 04:08:34	1.5
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
   :serial t
   :depends-on (:cells)
   :components ((:module "cells-test"
-                 ;;:serial t
+                 :serial t
                  :components ((:file "test")
                               (:file "hello-world")
                               (:file "test-kid-slotting")
--- /project/cells/cvsroot/cells/cells.lpr	2006/03/18 00:15:40	1.8
+++ /project/cells/cvsroot/cells/cells.lpr	2006/03/22 04:08:34	1.9
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-;; -*- lisp-version: "8.0 [Windows] (Mar 7, 2006 20:04)"; cg: "1.81"; -*-
+;; -*- lisp-version: "8.0 [Windows] (Mar 19, 2006 10:49)"; cg: "1.81"; -*-
 (in-package :cg-user)
--- /project/cells/cvsroot/cells/defpackage.lisp	2006/03/16 05:28:28	1.4
+++ /project/cells/cvsroot/cells/defpackage.lisp	2006/03/22 04:08:34	1.5
@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@
     #:defmodel #:defobserver #:slot-value-observe #:def-c-unchanged-test
     #:new-value #:old-value #:old-value-boundp #:c...
-    #:mkpart #:the-kids #:nsib #:md-value #:^md-value #:.md-value #:kids #:^kids #:.kids
+    #:mkpart #:make-kid #:the-kids #:nsib #:md-value #:^md-value #:.md-value #:kids #:^kids #:.kids
     #:cells-reset #:upper #:fm-max #:nearest #:fm-min-kid #:fm-max-kid #:mk-kid-slot 
     #:def-kid-slots #:find-prior #:fm-pos #:kid-no #:fm-includes #:fm-ascendant-common 
     #:fm-kid-containing #:fm-find-if #:fm-ascendant-if #:c-abs #:fm-collect-if #:psib
--- /project/cells/cvsroot/cells/load.lisp	2006/03/16 05:28:28	1.2
+++ /project/cells/cvsroot/cells/load.lisp	2006/03/22 04:08:34	1.3
@@ -1,16 +1,14 @@
 (load (make-pathname :device "c"
         :directory '(:absolute "0dev" "cells")
         :name "asdf"
         :type "lisp"))
-  (push (make-pathname :device "c" :directory '(:absolute "0dev" "cells"))
+(push (make-pathname :device "c" :directory '(:absolute "0dev" "cells"))
-  (ASDF:OOS 'ASDF:LOAD-OP :CELLS :force t))
-;;;(push (make-pathname :device "c"
-;;;        :directory '(:absolute "0dev" "cells" "cells-test"))
-;;;  asdf:*central-registry*)
\ No newline at end of file

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