[cello-devel] All GZ all the time?

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Tue Mar 23 11:43:54 UTC 2004

Bjørn Nordbø wrote:

>Kenny Tilton wrote:
>>The newest Freeglut and ImageMagick code is now purring away happily 
>>inside Cello. So I went to merge with Frank's Linux port, but it seems 
>>to be a /tree/ GZ. ie, every file is in its own little GZ. Neither 
>>PicoZip nor WinZip appear to have any option which says "unzip nested 
>>Am I missing something, or does the Zip have to be recreated with 
>>different options? I'll get on to scrolling meanwhile.
>The archive is slightly funky.  I have repackaged the file and can mail
>it to you if you don't mind a 2.3 MB attachment.  The upload directory
>on common-lisp.net appearently don't work for anonymous.
Great, thanks, please do mail that along.

Meanwhile, excellent progress on the scrolling. Touch wood I'll be 
dashing off the scroll bars themselves later today, after which I will 
resurrect the Cloucell GUI Inspector for a break from all the Light 
Panel screenshots. (That needs scroll bars for classes with a ton of 
slots, notably the window class.)

Then it is time for Text-Edit-Lite widgets.


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