[cello-devel] Porters' Alert! Freeglut hack (and IM6 now OK--almost)

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Sun Mar 21 23:46:44 UTC 2004

Yikes, thinking it would be smart to make things especially hard and 
upgrade two libraries at the same time, I also did that update to 
Freeglut which fixed the CPU issue.

But then I got reminded of something: to make things work with the Lisp 
iterative work style (within one long process) for some reason (long ago 
and forgotten) I ended up exposing the internal fgDeinitialize function 
so I could call it from Lisp.

I am trying to see if they have fixed things well enough that Cello 
(actually, cl-opengl) can do without that, because it would be nice to 
go with virgin projects.

Speaking of which, the last time I updated the source did not even 
include the necessary .def file.  Now the source does include the .def, 
but it is not in the VC++ dsw file! One step at a time. Anyway, win32 
users have to add that under the source subdirectory in the file view of 
the project and rebuild or Lisp will report any given glut function as 

Getting back to fgDeinitialize, I will update everyone when I have that 
sorted out, but I wanted to give a quick heads up to anyone who might be 
struggling with that in the meantime.

Did I mention here that IM6 is doing much better now? It was some 
configuration error. Never found out what, just reinstalled (just 
binaries, and using their installer) and it went away. But now I want to 
see if I can build from scratch. If not, I think I better punt on this 
and get on with the scrolling and other widgets.


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