[cello-devel] Freeglut/win32 tamed CPU-wise

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Sun Mar 21 04:28:10 UTC 2004

Just grabbed the latest from Freeglut and indeed they have tamed the CPU 
hogging on win32. I changed the demo-window initarg for 
display-continuous to nil and sure enough the spinning shape just sits 
there until I start dragging a slider around, when echos on the position 
of the widget trigger redraws. On each redraw globals for angles get 
incremented. Not very Cellish, but that is how NeHe makes his things 
spins and I just fell into it.

Thank god. I needed a quick win after a solid day or two trying to get 
version 6 of ImageMagick built and working. Fortunately the guy (?) 
supporting it responds within an hour or two of any post to  the 
magick-users list. This is holding up any functional work, but I'd like 
to have any libs being used under control (and the maintainer strongly 
recommends 6 over 5.8.8). But I will start double-tasking because I also 
do not like not having scrolling under control.



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