[cello-devel] Linux PortaCello2 In Da House

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Fri Mar 19 18:18:57 UTC 2004

I just uploaded Frank's port of PortaCello2 to Linux/ACL to the ftp site:


[He had trouble uploading, so mailed them to me.]

Here are the notes he sent along with the files:


Some comments to pass on to others wanting to use my code changes as a
basis for their efforts:

* Directory "ftgl-int" contains the FTGL C Interface with a Makefile for
generating the needed shared library.

* File "init.lisp" contains the needed path initialization calls for
setting up all those path names correctly.

* File "doit.lisp" loads the system and also needs local adaptation.


Thanks much, Frank. I will look at incorporating as much as possible into PC3, but porters just getting started might want to work from Frank's code so we do not end up with multiple forks.

I am going to make heroic efforts today to beat my system into submission and get VC++ working so I can move up to IM6.0. I may also look at my first ever CVS update to see how the Freeglut gang is doing. If you are not following that list, they just had a fight and there is now a spinoff OpenGlut onsourceforge which promises to play nice with Freeglut. OpenGlut will be less obsessive about not deviating from the original Glut.

If I get lucky with IM6 I think JSM! can do movies (MPG looks like it wants to work) but I won't kill too much more time on that. But it is worthwhile from what the maintainer says to get to IM6 anyway. But I really do have to get back to that sticky scrolling problem and get on with the widgets.



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