[cello-devel] Something wonderful...

Kenny Tilton ktilton at nyc.rr.com
Wed Mar 17 02:44:12 UTC 2004

Thomas F. Burdick wrote:

>Kenny Tilton writes:
> > 
> > Bjørn Nordbø wrote:
> > 
> > >I guess that means the page won't be ready in the foerseeable future? :-)
> >
> > Smart guess. :) But I really do hope to do it today. Draft of some 
> > random text is attached.
>And that random text is now up on the web, slightly modified by me to
>put it in a web-friendly inverted pyramid.  The style sheet still
>needs some work (those description lists aren't exactly the prettiest
>I've ever seen), but it's better than what was there before ;-)
Looks fine to me. Thanks a ton. Do we want a link to the FTP site, or 
any other related links? I remember the admin-suggested starter page had 
those, and i guess its a good idea -- or do we want to wait until it is 
ready for public consumption?

btw, while Mr. Nordbo awaits our inevitable triumph over the mailservers 
of the world, anyone with feedback to offer on his query:

>- I only have access to SBCL/CMUCL on Linux or Lispworks on Solaris; are
>  there any hope of getting something to work with a moderate amount of
>  work?
...please contact him directly.

Meanwhile, I pretty much made it as far as I could attempting to build a 
movie automatically, now I think it is time to just settle for a few 
killer static JPGs and then maybe a command-line animated GIF. Possibly 
I need to switch to IM 6.0.0 or GraphicksMagic. The IM guy strongly 
recommended 6.0, and I would be there if it were not for an astonishing 
series of failures of XP*. Speaking of which, if anyone can successfully 
build IM6.0 from the sources and ship me the DLLs I would appreciate it.


* My favorite being being unable to fix a broken version of Internet 
Explorer because the setup utility I downloaded yesterday says my 
current version (eight months old) is newer (and it does not offer me 
the choice of proceeding anyway -- Father Bill Knows Best?)



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